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We’ve got some things cooking – pun intended!

Eighteen months ago, Jessie and Laurent Boucher selected Rick Graves, John Scheuring and Alex and Lisa Stricker and their team of local investors to carry on the Jessie & Laurent business. Since then, the entire Jessie & Laurent team has been working tirelessly to build upon the strong foundation that Jessie and Laurent built over the last forty years.

Over the past year, you may have noticed some changes, such as a new website and pictures, new menu items, and a few new trucks that certainly stand out (yes, we are rolling with ORANGE). COVID certainly presented challenges that the entire Jessie & Laurent team tackled together and we have been working hard over the past several months to meet the growing need for prepared food and food delivery in the Bay Area. 

We will expand on some of our initiatives over the next few months as we provide more regular updates to our clients, but rest assured that our goal remains to provide the best quality ready-to-eat meals, from our kitchen to your door. 

In order to help us stay in touch, please connect with us on Instagram or Facebook.

We are very grateful for our clients at Jessie & Laurent and feel honored to cook for you. Thank you.