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After years of navigating racetracks and highways, one valuable lesson stands out: never drive with both feet. Hence, I watched Bay Area roadways as the cars of frenzied drivers, brake lights aglow, hurtled at 80mph, and understood how the cautionary tale had leaked beyond the asphalt.

The inspiration jolted me out of bed and, as I drove to Jessie and Laurent this morning, it led me to reflect on wasteful habits in the food industry.

Reducing Waste in the Kitchen

Time is of the Essence

And, in this time-starved world, they give us time-saving options. Staying late at work, or being a super-organized mother who runs an active family, all this bread can be fire-and-forget meals that eliminate the need for grocery shopping, planning, or preparation. It is a culinary shortcut without loss in quality. 

Efficiency in Utilities

Adopting the weekly delivered model of our meals service is not only convenient but also a way of saving energy. We are, therefore, in reducing the amount of energy consumption in terms of fuel, emissions, and overall energy every day, by having our trucks on the road less frequently.

It’s a commitment to environmental sustainability without sacrificing the convenience of gourmet meals.

Mindful Packaging

Every meal is designed down to its packaging. We are always looking to be environmentally considerate, meaning the least amount of packaging to deliver you your gourmet experience. This way, it reduces the need for production and thereby lightens the efforts put into recycling, which at the end of the day saves energy.

Optimizing Food Supply Chains

In fact, the entire system is built to fight spoilage: Order only what you need for daily preparation. This personalized approach is designed to assure not only the freshest, most vivid flavors but also that very little goes to waste in the production processes. It is kitchen-to-plate sustainability. 

A Reprieve from Daily Stress

When competing for our time against Zoom calls and to-do lists filled with multitasking, Jessie & Laurent always win out in the end with their service to make sure all our dinner worries dissolve.

We bring you a break from technology right to your doorstep by delivering ready-to-eat, ready-made family meals. They are easy to heat and come with simple, step-by-step heating instructions for your convenience. It is a chance to relish moments without the added pressure of going from scratch to the table. 

Jessie & Laurent

At Jessie & Laurent, we strive to be more than a food delivery service; our goal is to be helpful partners in your journey to a more efficient, mindful, and stress-free life. Join our Facebook group, be part of the culinary stories we share on Instagram, or just call. Be part of this family. We are committed to serving you with the best and deliciously paired food for the dining table, with sustainability and thoughtfulness.

Visit our site to explore our offerings and simplify your culinary experience.

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