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Give $20 – Get $20

At Jessie & Laurent, we are intensely focused on satisfying the needs of our existing customers. It is one of the ingredients that contributes to Jessie & Laurent’s longevity (Almost 40 Years!). That customer-centric mindset is one reason for the development of Jessie & Laurent’s Refer-A-Friend Program. We want our clients to share the love and get it back as well. 

To that end,  Jessie & Laurent Refer-A-Friend Program has launched!  The goal of the program, according to Rick Graves, Jessie & Laurent’s operations guru, is to reward current customers by offering incentives to reach out to friends and family and recommend Jessie & Laurent.

According to Rick, “We continually look for opportunities to strengthen our relationship with existing customers. We understand how personal providing a recommendation to friends and families is, especially a referral for a service that provides meals. We take pride in the fact that so much of our business comes from existing customer referrals, and we want to develop a program that provides value back to our clients.” 

How does the Jessie & Laurent’s Refer-A-Friend Program work?

Any existing Jessie & Laurent customer can generate a personal Refer-a-Friend code which they can give to any family member or friend, who will receive $20 off of their first order. When the family member or friend has their first order delivered, the code triggers a $20 credit for the referring customer. 

Rick indicated that Jessie & Laurent will continue to provide the program as long as our customers see it as a benefit. “As we continue to add capacity on the kitchen and delivery side of our business, we have the ability to serve more meals, and we find that our best customers are friends and family of existing customers.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to and login into your account 
  • Click on your account and select refer-a -friend in the menu or in the green bar on your account details page
  • Enter the email addresses of your family members or friends that would enjoy J&L meals
  • When the family member or friend has their first order delivered, the code triggers a $20 credit for the referring customer (you)

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Refer-A-Friend Program - Jessie and Laurent's Loyal Customers

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