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Here at Jessie and Laurent, feasting is definitely part of our daily vocabulary.

The planet has been a bit tumbled of late, and it has been our goal to keep you safely home with comforting meals to bring you closer around the dinner table, with gratefulness in our hearts, and the hope that our tasty dishes sustain all of you – actually all of us.

Our Director of Culinary has been tickled for a while by the idea of creating complete family meals – with the emphasis on the word family. In late 2020, his creativity took light and we wrapped up the year with our first of many ‘feasts’, a Christmas Prime Rib Feast.

To your delight we then kicked off 2021 with a Crab Feed Feast. Oh that cheesy garlic bread, do you remember?!

You were still hungry in February for our Super Bowl Appetizer Feast. There was crudités, teriyaki chicken wings and meatballs all served with tasty dips and sauces. We also tucked in a new round of the Prime Rib Roast Feast for Easter.

Then around that corner came our Mother’s Day Brunch Feast with the wonderful addition of parfaits, frittatas and truly decadent cinnamon rolls. Finger licking delicious.

It was quickly followed by Memorial Day BBQ Picnic Feast.

Dads came next with our Fathers Day BBQ Ribs Feast.

Fathers Day BBQ Feat 2021

Mid-year celebrations came with our July 4th Barbecue Feast complete with tri-tip and chimichurri, romesco and spinach dips, chicken tenders with ranch and barbecue sauces – if stuck indoors with no grill, we had you covered!

Labor Day Surf & Turf Celebration Feast has just happened and it was yet another treat. We had aged Angus filets with jumbo marinated prawns, a trio of delicious salads and corn on the cob with a chili lime butter – need we say more!

There’s more feasting to be done with Thanksgiving just over two months away. We are plotting away with Diestel turkeys on our minds with all the tasty seasonal sides you have come to love.

We value your patronage and are honored to be a part of your home.

We love our clients and they have given us a lot of love back. Have you read our most recent Yelp reviews? Do take a look. And our Google reviews will wow you with all the 5 stars so kindly given!

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