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The Angels of Angel Island

By August 7, 2011Social Awareness
So much we enjoy around us is preserved and cared for due to the efforts of kind and generous people. Such is the case with the gem of our bay, Angel Island. Without even venturing onto the island, one can appreciate it’s natural beauty and reminder of our natural landscape. Rich in history and a wonderful playground – Angel Island is certainly a place worthy of our attention. One of my clients from “pre-Laurent” days, like in 1983… were Guy and Suzanne Lampard-Badenhoop. They recommended our service to Gail Dolton, who has now been a client for over 17 years. What does this have to do with Angel Island? Well, being clients, they asked if we would be interested in donating to the organization they were all involved with (also past and current presidents of the Board), called the Angel Island Association. http://angelisland.org/ Established in 1975, the Angel Island Association is a nonprofit organization working to facilitate the preservation, restoration and interpretation of historical and natural resources on the island, enhance visitors’ experiences, and build a community to support Angel Island State Park. So, for several years now, we have donated our food to be served at various events that are auctioned off at their annual benefit held at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon. It is an elegant and festive evening held in early December, to witness the countdown and lighting of the tree on the top of Mount Livermore- which is the highest point on Angel Island. This year’s highest bidder – for the Jessie et Laurent feast – which was to be served on Angel Island for up to 12 guests- including an overnights stay in the historic Officer’s Quarter’s House was another “angel” of Angel Island, Buck Gee. He has given significant funds for the restoration and educational displays of the Immigration Center and is also the president of the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation Board.  http://www.aiisf.org/ Buck chose an important date for his affair, which was the night before the dedication of the Immigrant Heritage Wall. Buck and his guests feasted on bbq’ed baby back pork ribs, butternut squash stuffed poblano chiles, wild rice with pinenuts, roasted vegetables and for dessert…juicy cherry pie! The next morning began with a typical San Francisco summer day with fog and low clouds- but  sunshine burst out over the Immigration Station as the crowd of 1,500 people gathered for the ceremony. It is always wonderful for Laurent and I to be of benefit to worthwhile causes that our clients are part of. This event was particularly exciting in that for the first time in our 30 year history, we made our delivery to Angel Island in our sailboat!