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Ingredient Sources

Fresh ingredients made from scratch
by our kitchen team daily

We pride ourselves on the excellent quality of the ingredients we use for the wide array of exciting recipes created daily. We prepare our own fresh stocks, sauces, and spice blends, making the food you order truly handmade. The freshest locally-grown produce, often-time organic; the top of the line USDA choice, all-natural meats, the free range poultry and the freshest seafood are delivered to us daily from the best local purveyors.

Fresh from the Sea

With the growing concern of healthy fish and seafood sources, we do offer only a select variety on our menu. Nestled inside Alberto de Agostini’s National Park in Tierra del Fuego, Sixty South® is the first and only producer of sustainable salmon raised in this rare and isolated location of the Antarctic waters. They share our philosophy and source their offerings from fisherman who are attentive to the environment’s delicate balance. Sixty South®’s pristine cold waters and remote location ensure a higher standard of healthy and sustainable aquaculture practices.

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Fresh from the Ranch

We get all our beef and lamb from Niman Ranch in Marin County. They have raised livestock for over 30 years and practice the highest standards of husbandry protocols. Niman Ranch cattle are never fed meat or animal products. Niman Ranch only feeds their livestock all natural vegetarian feed. They are able to track their cattle throughout their entire lives. Niman Ranch stands behind their meat as being the finest tasting and also the safest available.

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Fresh from the Farm

Our main poultry vendor is Fulton Valley Farms, a Sonoma-based ranch. Their poultry is always chemical and hormone free, making for the moistest and most flavorful range hens available. Using the latest modern sanitation, equipment and management, Fulton Valley produces, by far,the very best poultry available in our area.(In the spirit of “shopping locally”, our eggs and cheese are also from another Sonoma company, Petaluma Farms. All of the products we get from them are as they say…, “eggcellent”!

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Fresh from the Garden

Most of our produce comes from Pear Tree Produce, a leader in Bay Area produce purveyors. Their proximity to the foremost agricultural region in the world, California’s Central Valley and the Pacific Rim, makes it possible for us to serve only the highest quality seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables available, including specialty and organic produce.