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If modern life has one invariable feature, it’s that there always seems to be something that has to get done. For a family, that can mean that between work, school, extracurriculars, volunteering, and chores, you’re either barely all together at the same time, or the times you are physically in the same place aren’t devoted to meaningful family time. This is why more and more families are choosing to have a regular family date night to step back and prioritize quality time with each other. Of course, picking a time can be much easier than deciding what to do. Here are some fun family date night ideas to spark your imagination.

Why Family Date Nights Are Important

 Couples’ date nights are considered a great way to foster a healthy, happy relationship—when you have time to give your partner your full attention while you’re doing something fun, it helps to build connection and strengthen your emotional bonds. In the same way, a family date night can help parents and kids check in with each other and spend some time together that isn’t centered around deadlines, responsibilities, and destinations. After all, when the kids get older, the moments they’re likely to reminisce about are the times when you break away from the normal routine to enjoy each other’s company. Scheduling opportunities to make those memories is the best way to make sure that good intentions don’t fall victim to daily demands on your time.

It’s not necessary to make family dates elaborate or go to unusual destinations to make the occasion special. In fact, choosing from among home date night ideas can help take the pressure off so you can enjoy some low-key family fun. So why not consider:

Game night: Picking a board game or a card game for everyone to play can be great for some healthy competition. If you make this a regular family activity, you can take turns picking the game, let your kids pick their favorites, or introduce tried-and-true classics that the kids might not have played yet.

Movie night: Turn your living room into your own home theater, complete with popcorn, movie snacks, ice cream, and cozy blankets to cuddle up and watch a family-friendly adventure, comedy, or classic. Again, you can take turns letting parents and kids pick the movie, or you can decide on a choice by family consensus, depending on what you’re all in the mood for. This can be especially nice on a rainy day when no one feels like going outside!

Backyard picnic: With sunnier, warmer weather on the way, taking family fun outdoors may be just the thing you’re looking for after a wet winter indoors. Try spreading a picnic blanket out in the backyard for a meal in the fresh air, followed by an activity like kicking a soccer ball around the yard, playing a game like bocce ball or badminton, or just blowing bubbles.

Scavenger hunt: Create a scavenger hunt that takes you all over the house and/or out in the yard tracking down the next clue to the prize at the end. This is a wonderful outlet for creativity, as well as an opportunity for young kids to exercise their puzzle-solving and direction-following abilities. As a fun twist, next time have the kids create the scavenger hunt to challenge you!

Dinner date: If your family is always on the run, set a regular dinner date when you can reconnect with each other over a shared meal at the kitchen or dining room table. A family dinner can also make a great follow-on or prelude to one of the other activities on this list if you have more time or are dedicating a weekend day to family togetherness. Pick a special menu to make it a treat.

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Healthy, Delicious Food Made Easy

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