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This is the summer of Road Trip! International and domestic air travel is challenging and or closed due to COVID-19, so more people and families are hitting the road and finding ways to explore closer to home.  AAA forecasts Americans will take 700 million trips based on economic indicators and state re-openings this summer. 

So when one of our customers told us that their Jessie and Laurent orders kept them nourished on their road trip, we should not have been surprised. We were, however, delighted that they had taken us along for the ride. What a great way to enjoy a vacation – no-fuss meals that easily freeze and reheat. It made us realize that while we are a Bay Area food delivery company, we can go with our customers to their favorite destinations. 

Food Delivery - Road Trip

As you plan your end of the summer road trip, find how some of our meals can work for your trip. We’d love to join you on the road! If you take us on your road trip, tag your meals #J&Lmeals and location, and we’ll share them on our Instagram feed!