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A recent article about 2019 trends and advances in food packaging notes that the United States does not make the top 10% in worldwide recycling rates. Germany leads with a recycling rate of 68%! Like the title of the article says: The U.S. needs to up its recycling game.

Now the Asia has principally stopped all importation of foreign recycling waste, this has forced a clear reassessment. The food industry is heavily impacted by this stoppage, which is a good thing, as it is an opportune time for the industry to evolve quickly, and to keep searching for more biodegradable options, if not to keep looking at more re-usable packaging in every sector of the single-use foodservice packaging industry.

Here at Jessie and Laurent, we are always on the lookout for new packaging that can be both environmentally friendly and recyclable, if not reusable. Reusable packaging would be optimal. We know our clients would love it. We meet with food packaging firms regularly, yet our current BPA-free and recyclable containers still remain the most efficient for our line of products. Since we deliver our meals directly to our customers, the transport element is critical – the containers need to be hermetically sealed to prevent leakage or spillage. It makes for a challenging task as so many biodegradable containers or reusable containers do not meet those sealing standards.

We want the food you bring to your dining table to be beautiful, tasty and safe.

Innovation amongst manufacturers, packaging designers can only amplify. On our end, we will strive to keep you informed, and work hard to overcome the black plastic issue. The convenience is there most definitely, but the need for renewed commitment to the global food packaging upcycling issue is key.