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To follow on the heals of the revamped color scheme and logos; just before the end of 2019, we introduced a new refreshed website with the same functionality as the previous one – yet with a chic modern look, and optimized for today’s advancing technologies. We are loving the new look and hope you do too.

Ordering has never been this easy. Our longterm clients simply login as before and our new clients will kick off their first order by entering their zip code.

One of the key new elements of full functionality on everyone’s desktop, laptop or mobile device it to accept the Cookies on the bottom banner. We have also found that clients with older equipment at home will also need to clear their browsing history on their browser.

And if you scroll down on our home page you will see that we are now live on Instagram! Make sure to tag us with #J&LMEALS.

Our News section is starting to fill with news bites. Feel free to suggest topics you would like covered. We are loving your feedback.

I’m moved to congratulate you on your new website. I think it’s outstanding and more functional than ever; BRAVO! In appreciation and gratitude for your great service. Micheal Alexander in the North Bay.