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Not to worry! Planning ahead is our style too.

We will be delivering as usual that week… even on Thursday.
There are a few items that must be ordered well in advance, like pies and turkeys… so order early if you can! The special menu is ready for you to order.There are traditional offerings as well as lovely heart warming family favorites.

Just click here for your dream come true Thanksgiving dinner!

“It is not an exaggeration to say that  Jessie et Laurent’s food made a difference to my Thanksgiving.  The turkey was the best I have ever eaten.  I realize this is quite a statement.  It is a reflection of how much I enjoyed it and the difference it made to my Thanksgiving.  BRAVO!!”  Michael A. 

All of us at Jessie & Laurent wish you and all those you love the most beautiful Thanksgiving ever!

Our list of things we are grateful for certainly includes all of our clients!