Behind the Scenes of a typical day
at Jessie and Laurent…

Everyday is another opportunity to make great food at Jessie and Laurent. Our team thrives on doing excellent work and making sure that your taste buds are delighted.

In just a few minutes, you can see a completely unrehearsed day unfold! And don’t forget, if seeing is believing, just imagine how much tasting is believing!

Ingredient Sources

We pride ourselves on the excellent quality of the ingredients we use for the wide array of exciting recipes created daily. We prepare our own fresh stocks, sauces, and spice blends, making the food you order truly handmade. The freshest locally-grown produce, often-time organic; the top of the line USDA choice, all-natural meats, the free range poultry and the freshest seafood are delivered to us daily from the best local purveyors.

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Who is Jessie and Laurent

Founded in 1981, Jessie prepared food for clients in their homes. The business grew and so did the demand her truly unique service. During a trip to France Jessie met Laurent and within the year the two were married. The culinary duo became a mainstay in Northern California homes over the next 38 years. Jessie and Laurent built a fiercely loyal following, Their passion for food, their clients and each other are the hallmark of each dish they prepared. In February of 2019, many delicious years later, Jessie and Laurent opted to sell their business, and to continue of their journey of leisurely travel and beautiful new discoveries.

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