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Butter Scotch Bread Pudding

Fresh wholesome and natural ingredients

Our offerings are all made fresh, just before we deliver it to you. They are handmade by our talented chefs with your dietary needs and tastes in mind. Only the very best of local and specialty sourced ingredients are used in the preparation of our meals.

Dinner time is relaxing and stress-free

When you can order your meals with a click of a mouse, you will think you have a fairy godmother! Imagine coming home and finding your refrigerator filled with personalized selections that are ready for you to do the last minute reheating or tossing. Voila! Dinner is ready!

Delivery once a week and you serve when you like

When you get a number of different meals delivered, you have the option to enjoy them when you like. You may choose to freeze something, take something to a friend, or sample your way through the menu each evening yourself! It is perfect for busy families with different tastes and time schedules.

Enjoy ultimate in-home dining experience!    

Of is the perfect gift

Better than flowers, delicious food is the perfect heartfelt gift for anyone whom you would like to know that you care about them. We can send a gift certificate for redemption later, organize a one-time gift delivery or facilitate a "community gift", where multiple people can contribute to a gift account.

JetL's ultimate Brownies

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