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Serving the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years

Our menus change every week

something for everyone's taste in your household...

Our weekly menu normally includes two poultry entrées, two vegetarian entrées, one red meat entrée, one fish or shellfish entrée, and one soup. In addition, we offer steamed, roasted or grilled vegetables (which are rotated during the month), organic greens with diced fresh vegetables and vinaigrette, and a side dish of potatoes or a rice medley. We also offer one dessert each week. Dishes keep up to a week, refrigerated, and many can be frozen.

Plan your week's menu, or we can make selections for you based on our detailed notes of your tastes and preferences. When delivered, each dish is labeled with a colored sticker to help you identify it. Your personalized menu also includes simple warming instructions.

Jessie and Laurent can take you on a culinary tour of world's finest cuisines, enjoyed in your own home!

Usually we deliver once a week to your door

whenever you need us, we will fill your refrigerator with wonderful selections...

We deliver Monday-Thursday. Your delivery day will depend on our delivery area map. Since everything we deliver is custom made, we need your orders to be placed by 10 am, 2 days in advance, not including weekends. 

  • Monday and Tuesday deliveries, please place order before 10 am on Friday
  • Wednesday deliveries, please place order before 10 am on Monday
  • Thursday deliveries, please place order before 10 am on Tuesday

Call us today!  415.485.1122
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