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Special interview

Interview with Chef Laurent parts 1&2

the Executive Chef  Laurent BoucherLaurent Boucher, the Executive Chef and Co-owner of Jessie et Laurent gives us a glimpse of the wind behind the sails of their very successful 32 year old San Francisco Bay Area business.

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A Salute to a Classic

If you’re a fan of the humble burger, you already know the joy of biting into a soft bun, thro...

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Our philosophy

Our joy is bringing families back together around the dinner table


Although our menu changes every week, our philosophy remains the same. Attention to every detail is utmost on our mind; from the best ingredients to exquisite taste experiences.

At Jessie et Laurent, we use only the freshest local ingredients to create ever-changing, tasty and healthy international cuisine. Our team of talented chefs prepares an exciting array of flavorful entrees and family favorites all of which are delivered right to your doorstep for an all around relaxing dinner experience.

Jessie and Laurent’s pleasure in their work comes not only from their pride in serving delicious meals but in the relationships they develop with their clients, some of whom are still with them after 30 years!

With their years of travel, Jessie and Laurent Boucher are continually inspired by the way food brings people together and connects them to each other as well as the earth. When you can taste the sea, smell the earth, and savor warm sunshine in your food, it is impossible not to be healed in some way. The joy in bringing families together around the dinner table is the key ingredient behind the success of Jessie and Laurent; it is the place where one can find sustenance both physically and spiritually.

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