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Dinner Is Ready When You Are!

Laurent and his team of Marin-based chefs lovingly prepare entrées, soups, salads, and desserts each day from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Plus, we can modify most dishes for dietary needs.

Our handmade meals are:
   - Ordered by the week
   - Ready to eat in minutes
   - Made from scratch, healthy and delicious 
   - Available in the San Francisco Bay Area
   - Delivered to your door, no charge! 

Let us fill your fridge or freezer with a variety of mealtime options. Order online or over the phone at 415-485-1122.

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More Organics

Commited to community and quality, Veritable Vegetable was the perfect choice when Jessie et Laurent went looking for a new organic produce vendor. Sourced from sustainable family farms across California, Veritable Vegetable is our newest “kitchen partner”, providing kale, rainbow chard, butternut squash, celery root, and tomatoes - just to name a few. 

Spaghetti and Chicken Meatballs with Pesto alla Siciliana

Summer Salads are Here

Building The Perfect Entrée Salad

The entrée salad – or composed salad, as we say at Jessie et Laurent – gives seasonal produce a well-deserved starring role on the dining table. Plus, this main course alternative can be surprisingly simple to prepare.

While building a delicious composed salad isn’t rocket science, it’s more like food art. Just mix and match ingredients to achieve a perfect balance of flavor and texture. Typically, we try to include three or four items from these key categories: greens, grains, protein, nuts (or seeds), cheese, and fruit. Who doesn’t love the bold flavors of arugula, diced apple, blue cheese, and pecans? Even the seemingly simple but classic Caesar Salad follows our rule: romaine, parmesan, croutons, and anchovy. There are virtually endless combinations... Read more in Jessie's Blog here.

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Client Compliment

 The "succulent BBQ beef short ribs" is one of our favorite dishes, as you can probably surmise from this over-order.  As usual, enjoyed for dinner last night, and stocked ...... (continue to read)

From Judy

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