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Behind the scenes of a typical day....

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Everyday is another opportunity to make great food at Jessie et Laurent. Our team thrives on doing excellent work and making sure that your taste buds are delighted.
In just a few minutes, you can see a completely unrehearsed day unfold! And don't forget, if seeing is believing, just imagine how much tasting is believing!

Special interview

Interview with Chef Laurent parts 1&2

the Executive Chef  Laurent BoucherLaurent Boucher, the Executive Chef and Co-owner of Jessie et Laurent gives us a glimpse of the wind behind the sails of their very successful 32 year old San Francisco Bay Area business.

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Jessie's blog

Helping the Hungry in Marin with "Food Rescue"

Jessie et Laurent is proud to help provide food to the hungry in Marin. For the past 30+ years, our ...

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Giving back

It’s our honor to contribute

With the growth of the company over the years, Jessie et Laurent knew that the next logical step was to give back ~ to give back to the communities most in need; to collaborate to worthwhile causes that many of our client are part of; to sustain and to join forces with community-minded individuals and corporations that make ongoing and lasting impact on their communities. With purpose and mission, Jessie et Laurent cherish the experiences of the common threads that binds us all: giving hope and caring goes so deep in affecting the human spirit.

Reading with the children of Colima with Project Amigo
Project Amigo


Jessie is on the board of the non-profit charity called Project Amigo ( Project Amigo serves the small village of Colima, Mexico and its outlying areas where there are migrant farm camps. Project Amigo provides medical, vision, dental, housing, nutrition and education to this rural area, which gives them the chance to lift themselves out of poverty. In celebration of their 30th year in business, Jessie and Laurent have personally pledged to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the children’s school in the local migrant camp until the year 2021.

Jessie's blog : my work week at project amigo

Angel Island

Angel Island Conservancy

Angel Island Conservancy ( - primary mission is to facilitate the preservation, restoration and interpretation of historical and natural resources on Angel Island, with the goal of enhancing the visitor experience and building a community in support of Angel Island State Park.  AIA has a committed staff and an active Board of Directors comprised of caring community members and local business professionals.  All share a deep appreciation for Angel Island State Park and a commitment to its preservation and revitalization.

Jessie's blog : the angels of angel island

Girl's Inc


Girl’s Incorporated of Alameda County ( is a local affiliate of the national Girls Inc. organization with the shared mission of inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold. For over 50 years, Girls Inc. has responded to the unique needs of girls in the most underserved communities of San Francisco’s East Bay through a continuum of academic achievement programs and counseling services. Programs challenge girls to explore their potential, develop life skills, ensure college and career success, and expand their sense of what is possible. Through its innovative approach, Girls Inc. has established itself as one of the Bay Area’s leading providers of supplemental education, reaching nearly 6,500 girls, family members, and clients annually.

Some of the organizations we’ve supported

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