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Corporate Gift Ideas

  • perfect holiday gift
  • team working late
  • facing a personal life challenge
  • celebrating new baby arrival
  • recovering from an illness
  • acknowledgement of a milestone

Why you would benefit by having a Corporate Gift Account

When you have a corporate gift account with us, you can easily gift our service to your employees. All of your gift information is stored in one place, for review and edit, should you like to repeat the gift(s).

Plus, your employees will have the convenient option of having their meals delivered to the corporate address ~ complete with cooler supplies to take the meals home to enjoy! Of course, they can also receive the delivery at their home address, if they live within our service area.

It takes only 5 minutes to fill the application, and we can usually set up your corporate account within 1 business day.


Your employees will have the option of having meals delivered to the corporate address or to their home address, if they live within our delivery area.

Corporate Delivery Service
There are two different corporate gift order forms. The one you select depends on the number of certificates you want to order and if they are all the same or unique.

GROUP GIFTS ORDER FORM is perfect if you would like to send gifts to a large number of people. All of the certificates will have the same: gift amount, message, TO and FROM.

INDIVIDUAL GIFT CERTIFICATE ORDER FORM is perfect if you would like to have unique dollar amounts and personalized messages, on each certificate.

RE-ORDERING is made super easy because all of your gift details are saved in your corporate lounge. Whenever you would like to gift again, you can click and reorder exactly as before, or simply edit and submit!

Our corporate clients

Stanford School of Medicine (Since 2012)

Our partnership with Jessie et Laurent is critical in our efforts in piloting the work-life integration solutions for our medical school faculty. The corporate portal designed by the J&L team is seamless and easy to use and thoughtfully anticipates every scenario we may need. The portal enables us to manage our offerings and reports effectively, and our faculty are extremely satisfied with the delicious, healthy meals they provide.

Caroline Simard, PhD
Associate Director
Office of Diversity and Leadership

Pixar Animated Studios (Since 2007)

How wonderful it is that our company celebrates and acknowledges all employees who are new parents with a gift of Jessie et Laurent! We have three kids now and each time we were gifted another week of meals! They delivered it right to Pixar, so even though I was back on the job, I could treat my family to handprepared, delicious meals! What an incredible gift and superb service.

a happy mom and Pixar employee

Preventative Medicine Research Institute (Since 2001)

Working in collaboration with Jessie et Laurent was not only a success but also a pleasure! Dr. Dean Ornish's research on prevention/reversing of prostate cancer and heart disease, required our study participants to eat an entirely vegan/ no oil diet. Jessie et Laurent prepared hundreds of meals over the course of five years that met our specific dietary limitations, while still managing to be make them both beautiful and delicious. Always professional, personable and willing to consider our unique requests with a positive attitude, I could not imagine a better company to work with!

Dennis Malone
Chef/Lifestyle Educator

Meals made fresh
Fresh meals are delivered to the recipients. All they need to do is to heat them up by following simple instructions (which usually takes only 20 minutes) ~ many of the meals are freezable too!

Provencal Grilled Rockfish Vegetable Stew
We offer many unique international cuisines ~ including Mexican, Spanish, Greek, Italian, and of course French...just to name a few. Here is a beautiful French Provencal Rockfish entree ~ delish!
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