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How it works

It is so easy. Once you have established a community gift account, we send you the link to email your circle of friends and your job is done! Each time someone new contributes to the account, a personal message, composed by each contributor, is emailed to the recipient. The recipient then registers to arrange for deliveries to begin and all of the collected funds are already in their account!

  1. You become the initial organizer of the community gift account, with a minimum of $20 contribution.
  2. We acknowledge your request and will forward you an email with a "gift code link" which you easily personalize and email to your community of friends and colleagues. (Click here to see sample gift code link)
  3. They simply click on that link and contribute any amount above $20 (which they may do anonymously).
  4. These funds are then pooled together in the recipient's account.
  5. The gift can be redeemed, as soon as the minimum of $103 is met.

Testimonials from community gifts

From Linda (Recipient)

"My friends recently gifted me with meals from Jessie et Laurent to help me through my cancer treatments and illness. I can't tell you how much this meant to me and my family. What a wonderful thing it was for us to know that there would be fresh, delicious meals waiting for us after our long difficult days of treatment. My friends shared their love for me in this most nurturing way and we will always be grateful for these gifts. I am healing now and I do think your food has helped me get there, not only because of the amazing nourishment I received, but because of the love it represented for us."

From Megan (Contributor)

"I just wanted to tell you how great it was to be able to support our friend Linda with her difficult struggle with cancer recently. We, her friends and family, were able to send her your meals as a group and we gathered 35 contributors easily through your Community Gift program. What made it so great was that everyone could participate, send in any amount and the total we collected was enough to have meals sent to her for three weeks. She and her husband have been very pleased with the amazing food and we all felt like we could show her how much we cared in a very important way. She is healing now and we just wanted to thank you for providing such a helpful service."

From John (Organizer)

"I recently placed an order for meals for a dear friend going through cancer treatment. I was able to organize and share with all of her friends and family a way to help her through these difficult times by contributing to a Community Gift. It turned out so well and she was able to rest while she was healing because of the delicious meals that you delivered to her for several weeks. I just wanted to let you know how glad I was to be able to gather all of these friends in such an easy way. They could all donate the amount they wanted and this way everyone was able to participate."

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