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We love to hear about how you are enjoying our service, a particular meal or how it has changed your experience around the table.

client compliments

From Linda & Jeff

Your food is awesome and has changed our lives for the better.

October 2014 Mill Valley

From Juanita

I look forward to receiving my food from "jessieetlaurent" every week.  To me, it's better than Christmas and the Fourth of July rolled into one!  Every dish is made with care and artistry.  I have always dreamed of having my own personal chef and you have made my dream come true.  Thank you for your beautiful food.

July 2104 Mill Valley

From Sally

You send the BEST FOOD, and we LOVE it!

March 2014 San Francisco

From Winnie

Your food rocks.  Everyone at our fund raising event love your food.  It was a great success!! 

February 2014 Palo Alto

From Randee

You know I'm thoroughly hooked on your meals... I cannot go a week now without ordering dinners and look forward to seeing each menu. Thanks so much for making my life easier and to have dinner be such a joy!!

February 2014 Sonoma

From Robin

I started food delievery this week with J&L. I never leave comments or feedback on websites, but I feel compelled to send you a note of thanks. You literally have changed my life. I work at a company that provides a healthy breakfast & lunch every day -- so I mostly eat at work. That means my fridge & pantry is absolutely bare in the evening & weekends. I never cook-- no time & I eat twice a day at work! I work long hours so by time I get home I used to end up eating cheese & crackers, canned soup or whatever I could scrounge up. This week -- only four days!-- have been miraculous. I come home & have fresh, healthy & yummy food in my fridge & ready in 20 mins. I don't wake up hungry in the middle of the night & I seriously can tell there is a huge energy difference I already notice during the day. So from someone who never leaves gratuitous praise, you are a life changer. Thank you sooooo much. Your food is truly appreciated.

January 2014 San Bruno

From Diane

This company is amazing, just as much as the food you deliver to me.

January 2014 Sausalito

From Susan

We have been clients for months now. You have provided us with endless delicious meals. My husband is on a low fat and salt free diet for medical reasons. I could cope with the low fat, but the salt free was killing us (nothing tasted good). You have made our salt free diet delicious and amazing and wonderful. I was so amazed that for the first several days I called you to ensure there was "no salt added" and you so assured me. WOW!  You have enhanced our lives enormously. Thank you.

January 2014 San Francisco

From Michael

I really wanted write to you to express my profound appreciation to you, Jessie et Laurent for the wonderful Thanksgiving food I received on Wednesday.  I appreciated your voicemails and especially Jessie’s call on Tuesday to take my late order.  It is not an exaggeration to say that Jessie et Laurent’s food made a difference to my Thanksgiving.  The turkey was the best I have ever eaten.  I realize this is quite a statement.  It is a reflection of how much I enjoyed it and the difference it made my Thanksgiving.  BRAVO!!

Thank YOU for being in my life!

November 2013 Sebastopol

From Judy

The "succulent BBQ beef short ribs" is one of our favorite dishes, as you can probably surmise from this over-order.  As usual, enjoyed for dinner last night, and stocked the freezer for the future.  The BBQ sauce is so very delicious.

November 2013 Mill Valley

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