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When Creativity & Passion Unite…

Posted on February, 05 2014
Appreciation is high for Aaron's talent!

Appreciation is high for Aaron's talent!

When I meet people who have decided to pursue their creative dreams, I am always interested to know their story and if I can, help them reach their goals. I was touched like this when a friend gifted Laurent and me a supremely well made, beautiful and extremely strong knife holder that is made by hand right here in our neighborhood by Aaron Weinstock. Aaron came and met us at the Jessie et Laurent kitchen, and we were so impressed that I wanted to blog about him and his creation! People who have refined their craft and stand passionately behind it being recognized and enjoyed, are on the rise, as our society rebels against mass production and cheap imports. This is one reason why we felt a kinship to Aaron, since we plan, prepare and deliver our meals to our clients with the same intensity of impeccable standards and sincere conviction.

I sat down with Aaron and asked him a few questions:

Aaron's Shop ~ see the tool holders!

Aaron's Shop ~ see the tool holders!

Can you explain the name of your company, M.O.C?
I have to say the M.O.C. part came about when I was brainstorming with my 14 year old daughter. We were just having fun and out of the blue my daughter said "you have had so many companies (NePalo, Zinkotek, Weinstock Guitars, AWWConsulting, Mayak, and some others) just call this one, your other company," and after laughing I just said, "Done, M.O.C. it is, My Other Company. I know it is not very deep, but that is the actual lame story!

And what about your other company, NePalo?
NePalo I started about 10 years ago after being a consultant, banker, data base developer, Designer of busses, etc... Woodworking was a hobby, and I decided with the encouragement of my family to jump in, and the rest as they say it is history. I do high end custom furniture and cabinets.

I heard that you also make guitars! Can you tell me about that?
I am still making guitars. At this point I am experimenting with the sound. I have 3 in progress right now and enjoy it every time I get the chance to spend time making them. There is something really satisfying about the process of creating a beautiful instrument. That has been a dream of mine for over 15 years, I have books and more books that I have been collecting and reading ever since the idea popped into my mind.

So why knife holders? What inspired you to make that specifically?
The knife holder came about because I wanted something that would hold my tools in my shop that would not damage my expensive chisels, and other tools and that would look good. I also love to cook and have some nice Japanese knives that I did not wanted my kids to touch; both for their safety and for my knives' sake; so I could not just put them in the knife block, and clearly the drawer was a bad idea. My wife would kill me if I just bought one of those exposed magnets and installed it in our kitchen, which she waited for 8 years or so for me to make. I have a collection of magnets in my shop; I have always been fascinated by magnets. In short everything came together, and after a lot of trial and error the M.O.C. Board was born.

Would you like to have one of these beautiful "object" holders?

A Frenchman's many corkscrews!

A Frenchman's many corkscrews!

You might expect us to use our knife holder to hold knives... but leave it to my French husband to find another twist! Laurent has been searching for many years to find a way to display his corkscrew collection

These unique and artistically made knife holders can be found on Amazon or Etsy.

To learn more about the artist and his company ~ please click here to visit his website.

Click here to learn a bit more of the NePalo story.
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