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The Zen of Sailboating

Posted on September, 28 2010

A couple years ago Laurent came to me with a personal dream.  Always being a guy who loved doing many physically demanding sports, like black diamond down hillskiing and competitive tennis he was sad to realize that in his late 40′s, the many years of wear and tear was finally slowing him down. He needed to find a way to be outdoors, feel the elements and challenge himself without doing further damage to his body.

Laurent had sailed as a kid in france and had fantastic memories of the experience. Living in the San Francisco Bay area for the past 24 years, he had longingly dreamt of having his own boat some day. When he found a used sailboat that had promise to become a boat he could be proud of, he asked me what I thought. Knowing what it meant to him, I told him to GO FOR IT!  Since that day, he has been restoring the boat with patience and finesse.

The sailboat has become the country house, the cabin, the fort, and a full blown hobby for Laurent. Having the chance to take friends out on the bay is one of Laurent’s favorite things to do. It has also been a wonderful way to interact with our son, Henri, who is now 17. I have purposefully not taken on the role of ship’s crew. With Laurent and I working together everyday and my role in the company as the designated leader, it is fantastic for me NOT be in charge. I happily take on the role of hostess- making drinks and serving Jessie et Laurent delectables!

Watching someone you love, like I love Laurent, is exquisite from the deck of a sailboat. I learn from watching him read the winds and tides. He has had to master skills that are entirely new and apply them under very extreme conditions. The San Francisco Bay is a very technically challenging body of water to navigate. Just like when I would watch Laurent ski or play tennis, he brings a quality of elegance to his sailing. Always making tiny adjustments to make the “boat happy”, to have the sails performing at their peak and  offering the experience his passengers may be looking for- whether it be a smooth sail or a wild one!

You may see Laurent’s sailboat out on the bay. His most recent upgrade is a beautiful mainsail with the Jessie et Laurent  name and logo on it- followed by- sustenance-tailored and delivered…….

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