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Helping the Hungry in Marin with "Food Rescue"

Posted on April, 20 2014

Jessie et Laurent is proud to help provide food to the hungry in Marin.

For the past 30+ years, our mission has been to provide our clients with locally sourced meals, delivered to your door. We are committed to caring for our community and the enviroment. So, we are very proud to announce our new partnership with Marin's new "food rescue", Here in Marin, we have enough food to feed everyone, the problem has been one of distribution. Even in our business, we sometimes have extra food ~ and we are not alone. 

How often have you seen good, fresh food go to waste, perhaps at your own company, a favorite restaurant, a social event or a grocery store?

While nearly 51,000 people in Marin need food assistance, millions of pounds of food waste fill Marin County's landfills each year. is an all volunteer food rescue helping to end hunger and reduce food waste in Marin. 

They do this by picking up donations of extra food from local organizations (food that must have been prepared in a licensed commercial facility) and delivering the food immediately to nonprofit programs that serve the hungry. The food that is donated is matched to the recipient's organzation which helps us all by getting the right kind of food quickly to where it's needed most. 

If you would like to learn more, volunteeer or donate, please go to


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