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Behind the scenes of a typical day....

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Everyday is another opportunity to make great food at Jessie et Laurent. Our team thrives on doing excellent work and making sure that your taste buds are delighted.
In just a few minutes, you can see a completely unrehearsed day unfold! And don't forget, if seeing is believing, just imagine how much tasting is believing!

About The Chefs

Jessie Boucher

Jessie is a native of Washington State and did her undergraduate studies at the University of Washington.  Finding her passion was in cooking, in 1981, Jessie completed her professional culinary training at Le Cordon Rouge in San Francisco. She continued her culinary training in France, where she met her future husband and business partner, Laurent. In 1987, Jessie's Culinary Service became Jessie et Laurent.  Jessie then gave up her executive chef position, to become the company's CEO. She is also very involved in the day-to-day operations of customer service, recipe development and marketing.  Jessie also writes the newsletter, website updates and blog posts. Her other interests include piano, mosaic, sculpture and various other art forms. She is the proud mother of Henri, who recently completed a two-year degree in Outdoor Adventure Tourism Management in Queenstown, New Zealand. Her newest endeavor is being on the board of a non-profit organization based in a small village in Mexico, called Project Amigo

Laurent Boucher

Laurent is a native of France and graduate of the Hotel School of Geneva. He apprenticed under Gérard Boyer at La Chaumière in Reims and with Gaston Lenôtre at Le Pré Catelan in Paris. As executive Chef, Laurent oversees the professional kitchen and cooking staff. With Jessie, Laurent is constantly evolving the existing recipes and new offerings to keep clients excited and well fed. He is responsible for sourcing the best ingredients, using as many local growers and suppliers as possible. His creativity and expertise add variety, consistency, and high quality to the company's offering. Laurent is also responsible for the company's compliance requirements to qualify for the Bay Area Green Certification. Laurent's other interests include sailing in the San Francisco Bay, swimming, fly fishing and adventure travel. Henri, his teenage son, has been raised bilingual and shares his papa's passion for France. Laurent proudly also became an American citizen in 2003, while still maintaining with French nationality.

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