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Dinner Is Ready When You Are!

Laurent and his team of Marin-based chefs lovingly prepare entrées, soups, salads, and desserts each day from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Plus, we can modify most dishes for dietary needs.

Our handmade meals are:
   - Ordered by the week
   - Ready to eat in minutes
   - Made from scratch, healthy and delicious 
   - Available in the San Francisco Bay Area
   - Delivered to your door, no charge! 

Let us fill your fridge or freezer with a variety of mealtime options. Order online or over the phone at 415-485-1122.

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When you're ready to surprise someone with the gift of Jessie et Laurent, we have numerous options depending on the situation. Express Gifts are placed by the giver on behalf of the recipient. Community Gifts are best when multiple people want to contribute to a single gift. For the most versatility, choose a Gift Certificate which can be redeemed by the recipient at his or her convenience.

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Sage Turkey Meatloaf with Tomato Basil Sauce


We have more gluten-free options than ever before

Whether you’re sensitive to gluten, or just lightening up your diet for summer, you’ll always find a wide variety of GF dishes on our menus, many which are naturally gluten-free and others that can be customized for you.

For instance, classics like our rich and silky Beef Bourguignon, exotic Thai Curry with Coconut Basil Sauce, and Chicken Kuwayski with Japanese Buckwheat Noodles are naturally gluten-free. But our delicious Quiches and Pot Pies can be baked in gluten-free crusts and any of our pastas can be made with alternative flours.

Just filter any of our menus by using the tool in the upper left of the menu screen.

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Client Compliment

 Love your food! I was in the hotel & restaurant  industry for 20+ yrs. I am now a quadriplegic & miss cooking. However you have been a lifesaver. Here is some feedback:The ...... (continue to read)

From Phyllis

Call us today!  415.485.1122
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