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Dinner Is Ready When You Are!

Laurent and his team of Marin-based chefs lovingly prepare entrées, soups, salads, and desserts each day from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Plus, we can modify most dishes for dietary needs.

Our handmade meals are:
   - Ordered by the week
   - Ready to eat in minutes
   - Made from scratch, healthy and delicious 
   - Available in the San Francisco Bay Area
   - Delivered to your door, no charge! 

Let us fill your fridge or freezer with a variety of mealtime options. Order online or over the phone at 415-485-1122.

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Honey Cashew Vanilla Cereal

It's our gift to you! 
When you place three weeks of orders, during the same order submission. you will recieve a bag of Honey Cashew Vanilla Cereal! It's made with all organic ingredients by a local artisanal company, From the Fields. Only while supplies last!

Grilled Salmon and Prawns with Mexican Ratatouille

Delicious New Pairings

Life Is Better With Sauce On Top

Whether it’s a bold BBQ sauce slathered on grilled ribs, or delicate drawn butter for a fresh lobster tail, a perfectly paired sauce can take a dish from drab to delish. That’s why we’ve created four new sauces for our limited time summer entrées.

We’ll be featuring a rich Indonesian Peanut Sauce and a cool Mint Yogurt – both delicious on hot or cold sliced pork tenderloin – plus a fragrant Roasted Garlic Aioli for tri-tip and bright Saffron Lemon Aioli for salmon. These sauces proudly join our classic horseradish crème fraiche, and our tangy house-made BBQ sauce, to create an array of flavor pairings for your favorite summer meats.

Just visit our menus to see what’s available!

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Client Compliment

 Love your food! I was in the hotel & restaurant  industry for 20+ yrs. I am now a quadriplegic & miss cooking. However you have been a lifesaver. Here is some feedback:The ...... (continue to read)

From Phyllis

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