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Dinner Is Ready When You Are!

Laurent and his team of Marin-based chefs lovingly prepare entrées, soups, salads, and desserts each day from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Plus, we can modify most dishes for dietary needs.

Our handmade meals are:
   - Ordered by the week
   - Ready to eat in minutes
   - Made from scratch, healthy and delicious 
   - Available in the San Francisco Bay Area
   - Delivered to your door, no charge! 

Let us fill your fridge or freezer with a variety of mealtime options. Order online or over the phone at 415-485-1122.

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Honey Cashew Vanilla Cereal

It's our gift to you! 
When you place three weeks of orders, during the same order submission. you will recieve a bag of Honey Cashew Vanilla Cereal! It's made with all organic ingredients by a local artisanal company, From the Fields. Only while supplies last!

Grilled Salmon and Prawns with Mexican Ratatouille

Delicious New Pairings

Life Is Better With Sauce On Top

Whether it’s a bold BBQ sauce slathered on grilled ribs, or delicate drawn butter for a fresh lobster tail, a perfectly paired sauce can take a dish from drab to delish. That’s why we’ve created four new sauces for our limited time summer entrées.

We’ll be featuring a rich Indonesian Peanut Sauce and a cool Mint Yogurt – both delicious on hot or cold sliced pork tenderloin – plus a fragrant Roasted Garlic Aioli for tri-tip and bright Saffron Lemon Aioli for salmon. These sauces proudly join our classic horseradish crème fraiche, and our tangy house-made BBQ sauce, to create an array of flavor pairings for your favorite summer meats.

Just visit our menus to see what’s available!

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Client Compliment

 I want to thank you… for your extremely satisfying menus, their excellent execution and reliable delivery service. How many marriages you must save! Thirteen years of looking ...... (continue to read)

From Ellen

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